Friday, December 31, 2010

Ending the year 2010 with a BANG!'s a couple of hours to 2011. I figure I would review my goals from last year and see how I did. I know there's a few that have not been accomplished but I'm not going to kick myself for that. One of the Four Agreements is: "Always do your best." I know I did just that.

* Get chickens and raise them for eggs and meat.

Well, we DID get chickens but for eggs only. Our 4 chicks are awesome. As of today, they are still laying eggs every day and that makes me happy because I know it means they are happy! =) Our friend didn't keep his farm so we weren't able to buy fresh chicken meat from him and I doubt we will raise chickens for meat at this time. We will just buy local, free-range chicken for now.

* Be a more present parent.

I would have to say that I'm halfway there. Summer was busy but awesome! We got to travel a bit. But the fall semester was really tough. I unexpectedly inherited an additional class (making it 5 language classes total) so the semester was chaotic. I literally came crawling out of the aftermath. Because Nick and I want one of us to always be home for the boys due to homeschooling and their extracurricular activities, we decided that next semester had to change. More on that later on in my 2011 goals.

* Say NO to additional obligations.

Ahem. This year I joined a board mainly for political reasons but I am able to attend the 4 meetings per year via videophone so it's not that big of a deal. If it becomes overwhelming, I have no problem resigning.

* Plan a family trip out of the country.

Ugh. This STILL has not happened yet. Over the summer, we spent our savings on a new porch which was a necessity. If we do plan to travel, we need to save up again. Nick and Lochlan's passports will be expiring soon but I don't think I will renew Lochlan's unless we have a definite trip planned. One possible trip may happen...more on that later.

* Reduce my carbon footprint.

Due to the chaos that was the fall semester, I have to admit that we fell behind on this BUT we did make the change to buying organic oatmeal in bulk ($1/lb!) and eat that every morning instead of cold cereal. Our farmer friend got us hooked on raw goat milk but when he stopped farming, we went back to store-bought cow's milk. Then we noticed Kalle's stool was liquidy (thus the reason we think he's allergic to cow's milk) so thanks to Craig's List, we found another raw goat milk seller. 'No Poo' was a success! Baking soda has actually been better for my skin and scalp. Still need to work on that monthly menu, though.

* Add Family Traditions.

Because summer and fall were busy, no chance to make that birthday crown for my boys but I will just suck it up and buy it from Etsy. ;) Also, want to add a new ritual: make a list of things we love about each other-number of things listed is based on the 'new' age. I saw this recently and thought it was awesome! I just hope I remember this again in July! :P

* Handmade Holidays.

Nothing handmade was given but we did give the gift of experience to a few people. I realize that handmade gifts must be made in advance. Again, the chaos that was the fall semester impacted my inability to do this. =P I'll try again for next year and plan ahead as well.

* To blog more often.

Hahaha! Hoho! Heehee! Yeah right. I do what I can. That's all I have to say for now. :)

Now for the year 2011, here are some goals:

* Travel out of the country. We definitely travel out of the country every year...that is, if you count Canada as it is only 30 minutes away from us. ;) But one of my best friends, Christine, is living in Nepal right now and she mentioned us visiting her next December during our vacation from UVM. It's really tempting however we need to work out the logistics, especially the cost for airfare! We may go through VSO (Volunteer Service Overseas) to make it happen. I'm not holding out high hopes. If it happens, awesome! If not, we have other exciting trips in our own country planned anyway. =)

* Get a pair of goats! Because we are spending $12/gallon per week for the raw goat milk, we figured it would be more beneficial to actually raise our own goats for milk. A friend recommended the Nigerian Dwarf goat which is as small as a medium-large dog but produces a lot of milk for its size. We will be looking into it and if it seems feasible, we will get started on building that shelter for the goats, getting an electric fence for it, etc. It will be a fun family project!

* Be a little more frugal. This way we can accomplish some of our goals, such as going out of the country and getting goats.

* Create a huge garden. This will be on the hill at the back of our house (where the sun shines the most). This is going to be a HUGE project, one that probably requires earth movers and some money spent to build tiers (unless we use logs from trees on our property that we plan to take down...). Let's hope that we can make this happen and produce a healthier garden!

* Be a more present parent and spouse.
I think this is one of these goals that will always be a goal as a reminder to keep up with it. I think what will make this goal easier to achieve this year is Nick's work schedule change. He was able to cut his hours and keep ALL of his benefits. This means that he will work MWF while I work TH (with office hours in the morning instead of evening) and possibly teach a 5th non-language course on a Monday or Wednesday evening. That way, we are both home for dinner almost every day and the kids will always have a parent at home to do homeschooling activities and go to extracurricular activities. I'm looking forward to the spring semester to see how this new schedule goes!

* Begin taking classes towards an Ed.D. This has been a life-long goal, to earn a Doctorate and I figure that with the kids a bit older now, I can begin taking one course at a time until I'm ready to apply for the Higher Education Administration program (in the very same college that ASL is in) and then take the core classes once I'm accepted into the program.

I think that's enough for now-I don't want to overexert myself. ;) I wish you all a very happy New Year with many blessings to come!

Love and light,


serenebalance said...

LOVE this blog. Good goals, too! We've been talking about getting goats, too - not for the milk, but because they're just so darned cute. :) In a few years, though...

Allison Polk said...

I want to try your no poo thing. Have a link you recommend?